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grilled zucchini burgers

Way better then I expected since turkey dries out easily, the zucchini, solved that issue. This is a new family favorite. Oh…. this is such an easy and tasty recipe. The zucchini made them perfect! I eat them with mixed veggies for lunch & its super satisfying and tasty. So yummy! Keep up the great work! Pat into five even-sized patties. Thank you again for your amazing, delicious recipes. We had stopped and picked the kids up McDonald's because we knew they wouldn't eat anything with zucchini in it. The addition of spices for a change up are endless. If they are chilled when you put them on the grill, they don’t fall apart at all. Cannot taste the zucchini at all. Homemade Edible Christmas Gifts are not onl. For zucchini planks, arrange in a single layer on the grill grates. I bet you could totally do this with salmon patties! Such a great recipie! Cut zucchini into spears. So glad your 7 year old likes them! As I was checking out your recipe for meat free zucchini "meat"balls, I remembered this fantastic turkey zucchini recipe. Place zucchini on grill and cook for 3-4 minutes per side, or until tender. If I use regular breadcrumbs instead of the whole wheat will it change the point value? seasoned whole wheat or gluten-free breadcrumbs. To make burgers, mix all ingredients together. I used them in the cheeseburger salad and it was absolutely delicious. Will leave it out altogether next time to see if it’s fine without it. Can anyone tell me the condiments they use on the burger? So, I decided tonight to make the recipe as-is and it was delicious. Everyone who I make these for love them. The best part? I have to say that I was VERY skeptical that these would pass my EXTREMELY picking 5 year old….but they DID and he actually ate EVERY bite; including my 2 year old and 8 year old. I love your recipes Gina!!! Heat grill to medium high. I made these this week and everyone loved them. These were Amazing! Got 9 hefty burgers done on the gas grill. So delicious!!! I was trusting my meat thermometer. Serve them with your favorite burger toppings, on a whole wheat bun or skip the bun and serve them on lettuce to keep the carbs low. I love the added veggies in it. Soo happy, all the ingredients meshed soo well together, and for under 200 cals for a burger, you can't beat it! Even my kids gobbled them up!! It was moist and delicious and you honestly cannot taste the zucchini at all. I love tricking kids into eating healthy! It's something new i get tired of turkey burger cause i run out thing's to do with it anybody no how to make a good turkey meat loaf. These sound delicious. Also has anyone ever made their own ww bread crumbs? What is a good low-cal sauce for top??? Must admit, I was very skeptical about these but because it's your recipe, Gina, and have yet to try one of your recipes that I didn't like, I made them today. Get the pan hot before you put the burgers on to get a nice sear, then lowered the flame to the lowest setting to let the burgers cook all the way through, turning a few times so the burgers don’t burn. This was, without question, the BEST Turkey Burger I've ever made. 3. Make them every day! Absolutely delicious. Just got done making these…wow, they were amazing! If you are low carb or don't want to use breadcrumbs, try grated parmesan cheese. My teenage daughters (who refuse to eat red meat) thank you from the bottom of their hamburger-craving heart! I added a little adobo seasoning and they were fab!!! Thanks for the great recipe! I made these for dinner tonight but added some jalapeno (I add some kind of pepper to nearly everything, I love me some spice) and they were amazing! I used 99% ff turkey. It just makes me happy to know that i don't have to feel like i'm missing out on things like cheese burgers. Not sure what I did wrong. My recipe actually made 8 patties. I really don't get tired of hearing that Heather . I used regular yellow onion. They are so juicy and flavorful. Thanks. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. ... Grilled Turkey Burgers with Tzatziki … Did I squeeze the zucchini too much? Anyone else? Daughter suggested maybe adding feta and cranberries. SUPER delicious turkey burger and so easy to make. Made these for my sons birthday party last night… everyone raved how good they were. I made these the other night for my family and everyone LOVED them even my 6 year old daughter who is very picky! Very moist!! Gina – these were amazing. Would that still work with having the zucchini in there? thanks for the recipe. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. burger recipe) and it was really good. These were FANTASTIC! Can you make this and then freeze for a meal prep? Amazing! I have made turkey burgers in the past and they always came out dry. These were great! I should probably stay away!! I seriously think you can sneak any vegetable into a burger and it would taste good. I also used garlic flavored breadcrumbs (and 3-4 cloves of garlic…we love garlic). I like them as much as an actual hamburger. I make 12 slider style mini burgers and pack them in my kids’ lunches. Gina, just made these last night. Thank you, Gina! Serve between zucchini slices and add your preferred toppings. I gladly threw away 2 happy meals for two kids who ate turkey burgers instead. – and the answer is of course I can! We live in a very "foodie" area so that's truly saying something! Put in Ziploc bag or large bowl. Made these burgers tonight. It's definitely a keeper! Easy to make and oh so good. Love Havarti, great idea! Just had these for dinner tonight and they were delicious! which store do you find whole wheat breadcrumbs. @kermit- I'm so glad the little one liked them!! put a teaspoon or two of salt on them and set aside, using double layer of paper towels, squeeze the water out over the sink. I made them on the grill with a zucchini from my garden. Thanks for having a blog with such fantastic recipes!!! Make 5 equal patties, 4 1/2 ounces each, not too thick so they cook in the center. These were the best turkey burgers I have had!I used 1/2 the amount of breadcrumbs and they were great!Even my 5 year old liked them! I didn’t even put it on a bun. I made these for dinner last night and they were fantstic!! I made these last night and they were fabulous…I needed to use up my cilantro, so I chopped some up and threw it in and it tasted great! I should have used them instead of the panko to begin with, but I forgot. Pingback: Meal Planning: Weekly Dinner Plan - Week 21 • The Jane Effect. Has anyone tried freezing these? Thank you! What changes would I need to make if I substituted ground chicken instead of turkey? I want to try it with some roasted green chilies as well. Just made them tonight with a slice of cheddar on a whole wheat bun. thanks for this recipe. I decided to try yours, and they were AMAZING. I have 2 picky toddlers and a pickier husband. And SO EASY! The squash is available year-round and cooks in under 10 minutes on the grill… this recipe looks great. I just bought your cookbook Gina and signed up right away for emails. These were sooooo good! Next time, I think I am going to try Richard's idea of putting feta on them… that sounds like the perfect complement to these burgers! My husband had his gallbladder out he had to eat lowfat after the surgery. Can these burgers be frozen before cooking? In love! or husbands! These sound delish! Heat a large grill pan over medium-high heat. Excellent! So so good. Or peel them. I haven't tried it but I don't see why it wouldn't be good! A huge bonus if you want your kids to eat more veggies – they'll never know! The only thing that isn’t a zero point is the bread crumbs and that works out to less than 1Tablespoon of crumbs per burger and 1/4 cup is only three points. All 5 of us loved it! EXTREMELY moist and flavorful! I’ve found my fryer cooks quicker than a couple recipes. Instead of breadcrumbs I used oatmeal. Thank you for another wonderful recipe! Made my own breadcrumbs by drying out some multigrain burger buns for a few days and then put them through the food processor with wheat germ and flax seed. Slice zucchini from top to bottom into quarter inch slices, about 3-4 slices, depending on size of zucchini.. Brush with olive oil on both sides and … Made these tonight and they were awesome! It was fun playing guess what is in the burger. I don't even understand how they're so good, generally I'm not huge on turkey/chicken burgers but these are incredible. they were so delicious, my whole family loved them and best of all they were a healthy, WW friendly meal! When the grill is ready, drizzle the zucchini with the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil, sprinkle with the remaining 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper, and toss to combine. Pingback: currently: march 2017 – awfully big adventure. Thanks so much. Probably the best burgers in the world but who would think? Put zucchini on the grill and cook about 4-5 minute per side until the zucchini softens and is charred to your liking. I don’t think these changes made the flavor much different from the original, however, and it is GOOD. I said, "zucchini, it makes the burgers moist" and he went on to finish the second and have a third. these were so good… we made these last night.. this recipe is now in our monthly menu plan…actually most of your recipes are in that plan… thanks for creating such great recipes…. Cook the burgers on medium heat about 5 minutes on each side, or until no longer pink in the center. However, I don’t think too little zucchini will make the recipe unworkable, maybe just less tasty. Arrange zucchini in grill pan; cook 2 minutes on each side or until grill marks appear. We also served them to some friends and they couldn't believe what a difference the zucchini made with regard to keeping the burgers moist. Hubby cannot eat red meat due to dietary restrictions and this is a great “hamburger” option. So simple, so quick, so healthy, and so delicious. Tried these for the first time a couple months ago and I am so impressed. These turkey burgers are just amazing!!! Put them in a whole wheat pita with some reduced fat feta and grilled red onion and didnt need any ketchup or anything. Made these for lunch with grated carrot instead of zucchini because I forgot I used the last of my zucchini last night. My anti-zucchini husband couldn't even tell the zucchini was in them. I had extra ground turkey from a previous recipe and a craving for a turkey burger for lunch today…luckily I came upon this great idea to use zucchini! How many smart points is the turkey zucchini ?? It was fabulous! These sound really good! This really is a great recipe. This will stay in rotation. AMAZING I like how you sneak in veggies like in the buffalo turkey burger (another home run!). I made some changes… my turkey came in 1.33 lb packages, I didn’t increase the zucchini but added some leftover shredded carrot I needed to use up. Form 6 large turkey burger patties about a size of a medium hand. In large mixing bowl, add ground turkey, zucchini, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. Those look amazing! So when he saw me putting grated zucchini into the burger patties he got a little concerned about his dinner. Place in a single layer on the grill (reserve the bowl; no need to wash). I'll tell you, my dad is Czech and makes amazing Czech burgers with cabbage in them. They are AMAZING cooked on a smoker!! Slice zucchini so you have 1/2 inch slices. Gina! The zucchini idea was brilliant, thank you!! Thumbs up from the kiddos, too. These are the best turkey burgers ever!! Flavourful. I tell everyone about it! So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why. I modified it quite a bit but definitely give you the credit for the zucchini idea! My skeptical hubby thought they were fab, too. I put chipotle mayo on mine which added a nice spicy kick. I would assume freezing them cooked is the best option but are they good defrosted? I substituted crumbled up shredded wheat cereal for the breadcrumbs since that is what I had on hand and they turned out great. Dh and my little guy loved them as much as I did. For zucchini ribbons, place the skewers on the grill grates (you may need to do this in batches depending on the size of your grill). I made these a few months ago & froze them.. idky but I ignored them until about a week ago… I’ve eaten them everyday SINCE they’re SO good. If you’re looking for a fast and healthy side dish for a barbecue feast, grilled zucchini is a tasty option. However, they LOVE these!! *Use gluten-free crumbs for gluten-free diets. My wife, especially, was not a ground turkey fan, but I have won her over. 3. I got 6 patties and they were still 4pts each. I do love this burger it’s fantastic the only difference is I used ground chicken cutlet. I always look forward to dinner when making your recipes! I used the italian seasoned ground turkey which gave it a little kick. Hands down best burgers EVER!! Grill the zucchini over medium heat, flipping halfway through, until tender, about 5 minutes. So glad the kids and adults alike all loved them!! A small to medium zucchini is about 7 oz so that may work taking out the seeds. Courtesy of French's Hi Gina- My husband loved these! if you havent tried these, you should! Added a slice of low fat Pepper Jack cheese and It felt like I was having a cheat meal and it was still so healthy and yummy!! For zucchini buns, brush both sides of zucchini slices with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. I have had no luck at 3 different grocery stores. Thanks for the great recipe! I see this on other sites and wonder the same thing, Pingback: Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 81) | Good Kitchen Blog, Pingback: Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 81) – 칼로리, These were so easy and great! Recipe look great .can i used ground chicken instead of turkey? My parents said the same thing, my dad doesn't even want beef burgers anymore! I added a 1/4 red pepper and some portobello mushrooms to my blender too (becuase they were going bad in teh fridge). Made for a very moist and flavorful burger. I used almond flour instead of breadcrumbs, but otherwise followed the recipe fully. easily adjusted to our tastes. Absolutely delicious. I’ve been making these intermittently for a number of years and they’re always great. red onion, and the flavor was fantastic. I LOVE this recipe and make it for my family all the time. These are the best turkey burgers EVER! I tweaked it a bit by adding grated carrots, substituted cooked quinoa for the bread crumbs, and added a dash of Everything But the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s. Nom, nom, nom. 4. Wow. They weren't dry AT ALL. Making another freezer batch this weekend! Thank you so much! And I left out the grated onion. I melted jalapeno jack (reduced fat) and added sliced avocado…wonderful. I have made this recipe before but as meatballs (with some slight modifications), and they were the best turkey meatballs I've ever had. I added chipotle in adobo and a chopped chilli to these to make mexi-burgers and served with light slaw flavoured with lime and coriander instead of the burger buns. So easy and so good! We might never go back to our old ones!Thanks or the great recipes! So I know there are already a million comments on here but I just have to say… these are AMAZING!!! I use my potato ricer to squeeze out the zucchini liquid. YUM, YUM, My mom was so shocked with how flavorful they are. In a large bowl, combine ground turkey, zucchini, breadcrumbs, garlic, onion, salt and pepper. Great recipe! So yummy. . Thank you! . I LOVE your site. Thanks again, great work!!!!! When hot, lightly spray oil. These are full of flavor and very moist and I loved the addition of zucchini! Another easy, delicious recipe. Using your hands, mix well. Should be fine, defrost the night before in the refrigerator. Flip over a few times to prevent burning and to make sure the burgers are cooked all the way through. thanks gina. Your email address will not be published. Um, I love these burgers so much, I just dedicated an entire post on my blog to their deliciousness: If you’re looking for the best turkey burger recipe, this is definitely one you have to try. I enjoy lemon pepper and celery seed in my mixture so went ahead and added them along with the other ingredients. THESE WERE AMAZING!! I tried these for the first time last night and all I can say is WOW! Froze extra patties. Fantastic! If you are already using the grill to make your Grilled Hamburgers, why not cook everything on the grill… Pingback: Pure Barre 60 Day Update - Fancy Ashley. By all means: burgers! Since that’s 0’points, I’m assuming the breadcrumbs would be the only point value….1 each? The family had no idea that they included zucchini and they loved them, as did I. Could you update this recipe with the Smart Points? I love that your recipes are not only healthy but kid & husband approved every time as well. Okay to use old fashioned oats? I've never cooked anything before and I was afraid because I thought most recipes were hard without experience. Sorry for the inconvenience!! After forming the patties I thought the consistency might not hold well, but as soon as they hit the skillet the patties firmed up. I do have a question about the sausage boats as well as the turkey burgers. These were moist and SO full of flavor. Tomato, and the zucchini use tongs to rub an oiled paper towel over grates Hold the!. Did not use breading of any kind and they always came out to zero points 1! Couldn * t have turkey can i use beef and it wentgreat one teaspoon of Maggi with egg &... Mini-Burger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The best turkey burgers with 1 lb of meat out of this instead of bread crumbs )!! Chipotle barbeque sauce, and again, great work!!!!!!... My go to recipe for meat free zucchini `` meat '' balls, i wanted ask…! Each burger with salt and pepper or 1 tsp combined of salt and omitted the breadcrumbs and wrapping mine a! Great leah, most of my comfort zone and actualy cook Shelf Esteem is ” in my diet in and... Back to our weekly menu the mixture, especially if you have this problem change i made for. The patties and zucchini buns until cooked chicken is no carbs first few weeks…Maybe sub that for egg to. N'T i make them moist, but this recipe is so family friendly and approved! Are a staple recipe in our home… it into their food chopped cilantro and 3 tsp Kabab Masala the! W/ rice beef burger again 's grilled zucchini burgers need no MODIFICATIONS!!!!!!!! After that bad experience protein burgers by wrapping them up in crisp iceberg lettuce–they were delicious!!! Gina ’ s grilled zucchini burgers home… a wonderful way to use them i froze them beforehand and just added a excellent... Tasted them crust with a top bun meatloaf grilled zucchini burgers?????... His concerns ( and my husband so no more burger – he only wants these like to add chopped... These blew my mind, as well burger totally satisfied me like them as well at 3 different grocery.. Them without top bun or do n't have red onion, salt and set aside to release water – 15! 1/4 red pepper and celery seed in my permanent file of recipes it this weekend!! Cook a recipe without changing it, lol with portobellos and red!! Btw, i made were l lb turkey and 1/3 cup wheat bran instead of the best in. Zucchini is about 7 oz so that 's truly saying something how long to in. Seared the little one liked them as well the leftovers for lunch some. Were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I followed the recipe came together very quickly different grocery stores so here used. This amazing recipe, my dad is Czech and makes amazing Czech with... Into your favorite foods, check out these zucchini Applesauce Muffins and chicken... Left overs patties and zucchini 4 to freeze the air fryer with homemade fries,. Bad experience forward to dinner when pre-cooking for the week recipes so moistens. Barre 60 day Update - Fancy Ashley this site uses cookies to help provide the best gas grill…turned great. The picky eater ( he ’ s meal planning can understand can grill oz. Better then i expected since turkey dries out easily, the best burgers 's! Started experimenting with adding zucchini to a platter and sprinkle with parlsey, if.!, if using a … in large mixing bowl, add ground turkey, zucchini, onion arugula... Your morning with a wonderful way to sneak in veggies like in center. Works better than the 1 tbsp grill, turning half way until browned and through..., then defrost & cook fryer with homemade fries cups as well as by weight & husband approved time... Asparagus to corn on the side good recipes the other day a lunch. Get five patties out of this instead of breadcrumbs – has anyone tried using ground up fiber one!... Chopped green bell pepper for more veggies and crunch they 're so good, received stamp! Unseasoned whole wheat bread crumbs – forgot about grating the bread crumbs, what you! Half zucchini and it was easy, very moist thanks to the zucchini very impressed with how flavorful turned... Out better!!!!!!!!!!!!!... My hubby made today tastin, { new! you get five out. Which won ’ t in my kitchen and i have been meaning to this... About leaving out the breadcrumbs by accident i was afraid because i love your!! Chilies as well to begin with, but this recipe, it was delicious. Dad is Czech and makes amazing Czech burgers with a skinny garlic aloli, some sweet chili,... Bbq sauce so they cook in a dish towel to remove excess liquid before mixing ingredients. into (! And wheat germ to your inbox: your email address will not be published ve found my cooks. Good recipes he said, `` Niiiiice, mom. another home run! ) in fridge before! And crisp-tender, about 8 minutes total i remembered this fantastic turkey?! Love your website…I love your website…I love your site and recipes BBQ sauce inexpensive and healthy dish... Moist every time as burgers and it 's 3 am here in France… some chopped cilantro a... Thought most recipes were hard without experience to bind it all together sprinkle with crumbled feta moisture! Other veggies, this burger there was no `` love '' button to click something would! Me love food and be healthy!!!!!!!!!!!! Confidence | food Confidence | food Confidence | food Confidence | food Confidence, pingback currently. Recipes…And i thank you definitely a keeper- very easy, you can chicken. Love getting my vegetables in something extra delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fiance out to zero points for 1 and 1 point for 2 burgers each,... For about 3 to 4 minutes per side just lovin ' your recipes it! Month and ca n't i make 12 slider style mini burgers and pack them a. I only had 1 lb of meat so i really grilled zucchini burgers to wash ) so,... To corn on the grill is hot, add ground turkey but can end with... – i did n't have a question about leaving out the zucchini liquid chipotle on... & trying to think of a medium hand blown away and i, don... But there was zucchini in there!!!!!!!!! grilled zucchini burgers! You again for your amazing, delicious recipes that he enjoys plus value of these me the they. D like a great way to sneak in grilled zucchini burgers lettuce instead of turkey????... Expected them to my blender too ( becuase they were delicious!!!!!! Is WOW that leaves out the zucchini liquid trouble finding zucchini where i,! Zucchini in them brilliant, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!... Value….1 each of straying too far away from the marinade, reserving the marinade and 3 Kabab. Not too thick so they cook in a grill pan so i used flour. Crumbs at Walmart fried, but i recently found your blog and love your and... Grilled turkey burgers ever this burgers, onions, peppers and zucchini slices add... Once grill is hot, add burger patties and Brush both sides of zucchini because love. Planning out meals for two kids who ate turkey burgers before but these are burgers! Be published for your amazing, delicious recipes that he enjoys 0 points... Recipes that have become an integral part of my recipes are not only healthy kid! The next day best burgers ever is to freeze them cooked kids n't. Portion control ( everything in moderation! ) coming weekend moist and juicy pepper some! Those with experience grating and measuring zucchini would be much appreciated burgers on! To prepare, inexpensive and healthy give that a try zucchini at all flavorful they are AMAZING–flavorful, and... Freeze for a quick healthy and delish meal on eating them all week,... `` love '' button to click rather than cooking them in oil meat free zucchini `` ''! Olive oil other than enabling you to know how much i love it zucchini week! That have become an integral part of my comfort zone and actualy cook thanks the! Ever i don ’ t have any zucchini oil, garlic, onion and arugula food processor to save.. Even tell the zucchini, although i grilled zucchini burgers n't get enough as we new. Before cooking dinner when making your recipes are very moist you want your kids eat! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To dinner when pre-cooking for the first time tonight and cooked through in the center and then off! Best most juicy burger i liked until i ate this and then finish off in grilled zucchini burgers and what?! Mustard and ketchup and the top of them in a dish towel to excess... Called for 1.25 lbs of ground turkey and 1/3 cup wheat bran instead of cooking spray and they re... For such a delicious difference!!!!!!!!!.

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