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speed queen dryer sensor not working

Firmware Update Failed, S/W (Software) Intact. Under pressure switches are off (gas heating only). Check fill electrical circuit. Check for lint build-up on heat sink on drive board. Check wiring and repair if there is no continuity. If problem persists, replace inverter. Error may occur during communication with a network. Check for objects stuck in drain hose or in pump on electric pump units. Check wiring to drain and that power is present at drain. Cycle is aborted and Cycle aborted Error Menu is displayed until user clears error. Moisture Sensing uses a dedicated sensor located inside the drum on the machine. Temperature in the cylinder is unsafe at the end of the cycle. Press "NO" to position tub at load or unload side, press "1" to open load door and press "2" to open unload door. If error persists, replace control or card reader. Error occurs when at standby mode (machine is on but no wash cycle is running) the door lock switch is in locked state while the door is open. Appears when processor is energized the first time. Inspect door lock mechanism. Check for any loss pins in the connectors or any disconnections in the harness. To enable all features please, YAF.NET © 2003-2020, Yet Another Forum.NET. Make sure correct machine type is selected. Wrong card. Check wiring to switch and make sure there are no loose connections or repair wiring if no continuity. Contractor's Assistant: What's the make and model of your dryer? Inspect wiring at inverter. If the front end control was replaced, set dip switch #1 to the same setting as the previous control. Check to see if the correct machine type is selected. If wiring is correct, replace the lock. To clear this error the machine must be powered down. Check drain tube and repair if necessary. Drain Error (control sensed water in the tub at the end of the cycle). Rotor may be locked up. Replace card reader. The exhaust air is restricted. If problem persists, replace control or thermistor. Error of the burner ignition unit (gas heating only) or fault of the electric heating contactors (electric heating only). If error persists, control or Network Board may need to be replaced. There may be a water valve stuck open due to debris or a failed water valve. After pressing start, door lock is locked while door is open. Check the harness connections between the user control and the output board. Check for broken or worn belts. This is a fatal error. Replace if inoperative. Power up and tray again. Check if temperature in cabinet is too hot and adjust program as necessary. Unexpected supply voltage. Error in the communication between the front end control and the output board. Using test program, test temperature sensor. Control will activate coast times to complete cycle. If running a small load or one large item, add more items to help machine balance the load better. This cylinder felt seal is used in dryers and is located between the back of the drum and the rear dryer panel. Incorrect machine type programmed with the wash data. Check that the external water valves are open and free of dirt. The programmed water level was not reached after 80 minutes. Re-aim external device and try again. The sensor settings would not work. Check thermistor and replace if inoperative. If both motor securities are open, there is a motor problem. Check that drum and motor spins freely. Occurs when electronic timer detects soap reservoir is empty. Using test program, test function of door lock. Error can be canceled by the STOP key after the fan motor has cooled down. The wash computer will try three times to reset the drive motor. Make sure wiring is OK. Refer to extra error message that shows the cause of the failure. Door will not lock after 5 failed attempts in 10 seconds. You may need to replace your sensor… Make sure to press on door and then pull to unlock the door as pressure on door lock/latch will prevent door from unlocking. Also check door lock wire harness for damage or for disconnection. ft. Capacity, 4 Dry Cycles, 4 Temperature Settings, 3 Year Parts and Labor in White 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $1,029.00 $ 1,029 . Fill Error (desired fill level was not reached within 30 minutes). Redistribute load and run cycle. Programmed temperature was not reached after 60 minutes. Make sure there is continuity in the wiring and repair as needed. If indicator is constantly on, increase the distance. Power down, verify input power and 6-pin communication connection on drive and Front End control, power up and tray again. Check level sensor visually and replace wash computer if you see damage. With commercial-grade components like a heavy-duty fan system and an advanced airflow pattern that ensures every bit of warm air enters the cylinder and dries the clothes, Speed Queen dryers deliver the perfect dry, every time. Power down machine. Communication successful, but the command was not valid for this machine type, or the control could not perform the command in its current mode of operation. If water is detected to be too hot to drain safely, this error will occur. However, some dryers have a switch that shuts off power to the dryer if the drive belt is broken. These errors occur if the USB is not found, if a file is not found during an attempt to read from a USB, if an export failed when attempting to write onto a USB or if an import failed when attempting to read from a USB. If error continues, check for damage to Machine ID Control and harness and/or replace Machine ID Control with a correctly configured Machine ID Control. This error occurs if inverter gives an error message that is not recognized by the wash computer. A good used dryer is available in our area for around $100.00 and I suggest you consider that option. I don't really have the funds right now to be replacing a dryer, so … Make sure there is 24VDC power supplied to the signal conditioner weighing system. It can be puzzling why appliances fail. Make sure drum is not overloaded. The door is opened or unlocked during the operation of the machine. When the motor overcurrent security has tripped, the motors are switched off. Check the tub and drain for leaks. Caused by transformer unplugged or wiring to motor control incorrect. Updating the software might help discover which error code occurred. Repair or replace if any are defective. Some are simple fixes that won't even require a screw driver and other solutions may fall outside of your comfort level and you may choose to hire a professional to do the work. © 2018 All Rights Reserved. Check if the correct water inlet valves have been programmed. First check that door is fully closed. Unpower to clear error. If door is closed, check for improper wiring or faulty door switch. Before downloading, ensure data is for current machine type and check security code and retry. With a multi-meter, test the harness for continuity, and check the plugs for damage. Your Account. Check wiring (when drain valve is switched off, drain valve should be open) and repair as needed. Refer to Programming Manual if you continue to get errors. The cycle's programmed temperature was not reached within 80 minutes. rotate/pause times are very short and programmable. This sequence is repeated as long as the Open Thermistor error is sensed. If running a small load or one large item, add more items to help machine balance the load better. Error will occur if bimetal/spring is defective. Access panel or coin vault switches. Make sure there is continuity of the wiring. Using test program, check input signals S1 and S2. If it's a slow drain, water is not draining as quickly as expected in any cycle step that drains water during the cycle. Updating wash computer software might help discover what inverter error code really occurred. Cycle will continue with coast times loaded where rotation detection is required. Manually enable IR on control/Re-aim external device and try again. If moisture sensor circuitry detects a load present signal read consistently (every second) for a ten minute period without user input, control will declare, a load sensed. Power down machine. Check for objects stuck in drain hose or in pump on electric pump units. Make sure input connector DL is connected. Ensure machine is properly leveled and check for broken shocks. At power-up, wash computer checks if factory settings in EPROM are OK. Error occurs when there is a wrong CRC reading of the data from the EPROM. Find the most common problems that can cause a Speed Queen Dryer not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. If it is constantly off, reduce the distance. Remove any lint build-up around the thermostat. Check for mechanical problems and repair as needed. Anyway, it can disfunction from time to time. Error occurs when tacho is sending a feedback signal to SR-drive when tacho is not expected to do so. Make sure water inlet valves are working properly. Check drain tube and make sure it is not blocked. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! The machine must be powered down at this point. Inspect inlet water valves and inspect drain valve. Communication failure. Check that the cycle contact MICRO 9 closes. If error persists, check connection between front end control and drive board, or try replacing the front end control or the drive board. Check drain valve and replace if it’s losing water. Make sure coin drop is functioning and replace if necessary. Clear error to return to Cycle Menu. When error occurs during communication, control records error. Correct wiring issues. Make sure air pressure valves are functional; repair or replace. Replace the motor brush blocks. Cycle will continue, no user input required. Occurs when during door locking sequence the door lock switch is in locked state and door (door switch) is open. This error occurs if the water level exceeds the maximum water level. Speed Queen is a brand which used in order to name the dryers. Error occurs when at standby the door lock is locked with door open. Error occurs when 85% of DAQ traceability memory segment contains wash cycle data. Motor thermal protector was activated. (Firmware updates only done by Alliance Laundry Systems Service Technicians.) Check if the machine had been over-loaded. Check heating connections, cycle power to machine. If problem persists, replace rotation sensor or control. Make sure door lock system is functioning correctly and repair anything faulty. Check if the signal conditioner module is still operational and replace if defective. It is a Speed Queen electric dryer model SD4670W and it works great and runs fine but in a week or two it will blow the heat sensor. Occurs when wash computer DAQ memory is completely filled with traceability data. If the inputs on the wash computer board are not functional, replace wash computer. Verify flat cable is connected. If the control does not reach a water level of 4 inches within the programmed time it may mean the hose to the pressure sensor has a leak, is disconnected or clogged, the water inlet hose is clogged, the water inlet screens are clogged, or no water is flowing into the machine. The cycle's programmed water level was not reached within 15 minutes. Check that drum rotates normally by hand and repair or clean as necessary. Check the inlet valve, clear blockage in pressure hose, replace hose if leak is found. Incorrect functioning or connection of the tilt switch when you start a cycle. Check wiring and repair any that is damaged. Re-aim external device and try again. Error occurs when at startup door lock is locked locked with door open. Since doing this, the flame comes on, but does not stay on. Make sure to push in the motor harness on both ends just in case it is a little loose and not fully inserted. If 504 is indicated, load default program by the LStPrg command from the configuration menu. Will try to reset one time. The error will be accompanied by a symbol to indicated which sensor is causing the error. Check wiring to sensor and replace sensor as needed. Faulty function of the finger protection safety bar at the machine start up. Unpower to clear error. If motors still overloading, check ventilators. Occurs when wire bridge at KEB terminals 16-20 is missing. Check temperature index harness and dipswitch settings. Incorrect file size. When you start it up; everything works fine, for about a minute, then the flame shuts off, & the gas valve will no longer supply gas for it to re-ignite. Inspect the drain valve and drain outlet. Programmed temperature hasn’t been reached in more than two hours. After cooling machine down below 80°C (176°C), repair the drive. Heater and thermistor operations are disabled for cycle. Card hotlisted. Here’s what to look for before calling a service man or trying to fix it yourself. If wiring is ok, replace output board. Inspect door lock mechanism. Program selected does not exist. If relay stays closed and is broken, replace wash computer. No heat or not enough heat is the 2nd most common symptom for Speed Queen AEM497W2. Check communication cable, SR-drive, motor and belt and repair or replace if broken. Check the pump and transmission for proper function. If your dryer is experiencing any of these symptoms, replacing the felt seal could solve your problem: squealing or banging noise, clothes are getting stuck between tub and felt pad, takes too long to dry, not heating enough or not heat at all, or does not tumble. Allow up to 20 seconds for this condition to clear. This is a fatal error. If fault is persistent, contact manufacturer. At the end of the cycle, error code will be shown. Wrong card. Replace RAM memory. Turns off heater output for remainder of cycle. Change sensor. If reworking the machine to use a different supply voltage, the dip switch #1 setting may need to be changed. Fill level is not reached within 30 minutes in any fill step. Make sure door lock coil is functioning properly and replace if necessary. If the user control was replaced, set dipswitch #1 to the same setting as the previous control. Typically a small item is lodged in the propeller of the pump on pump machines. Make sure rubber hose for measuring water level is mounted well on the water level sensor and on the drain valve. Check door lock wire harness for damage or disconnection. In the event of a drain error, the control will turn off all outputs and turn on the Machine Error Tone for 15 seconds. Refer to Programming Manual if you continue to get errors. Heater will turn off and cycle will continue. Check input signal from door lock switch and if input does not correspond with the state of the signal of the switch, replace wash computer. Check the communication cable, motor drive, motor and belt. If control detects water leak or related problem during diagnostic test, control will record error and display “FAIL”:Drain Valve or. Check drain valve and replace if necessary. Check for an unbalanced load. Repair or replace if either are defective. Power down, power up and try again. Check the wire bridge on the mobile connector motor drive and close the motor bridge if it is open. Error occurs during wash cycle. You can address these lists in a situation, when, for example, dryer won’t start or dryer … It will clear after 1 minute or when a keypad is pressed. Before downloading, ensure data is for current machine type. Check pump for blockage and clear as needed. If during the wash cycle the washer computer detects the door switch is not closed, the machine will immediately stop all functions and the door will stay locked. If necessary, plug a different device into the same power outlet to make sure the outlet is live. If the control has the drain error enabled, the control will enter Machine Error Mode when the water height is not below the empty level, after attempting to drain for the programmable time (default 5 minutes). Check air pressure valves that control the brake and repair or replace. I removed the gas cycling thermostat & thermal fuse from system & dryer still was not operating correctly. If cycle counter has not been reset the message will appear again at the end of the next wash cycle. Power down, verify line voltage is within specification, power up and try again. Check if out of balance switch is broken and replace. If the door locks, the cycle will start normally. Make sure inverter is energized. as possible. Make sure speed sensor is functioning properly and replace if damaged. Check if thermal security of the wash and low spin motor is open. This error occurs only if enabled by setting dip switch #4 to ON. Error will occur when machine is badly loaded. The thermo-magnetic protection was activated 5 times, indicating a high motor current. Replace the electronic control board if it's receiving voltage but isn't transmitting it to the dryer components, causing the dryer to not work. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Speed Queen ADEE9BGS173TW01 clothes dryer. Programmed temperature was not reached after 60 minutes. Machine voltage is too high, check supply voltage to the machine and verify that it is within machine specifications. If the door doesn’t lock in 15 seconds in Door Locking Mode or the door doesn’t unlock in 3 minutes in Door Unlocking Mode, the control will enter Door Lock Error Mode. Error message will continue until any keypads are pressed, Cool Down cycle has ended, and temperature reading is less than 210 °F. If the element is burnt out, replace it. Error occurs if the heating system is functioning partially but not sufficiently to heat the machine correctly. Replace user control or drive board with the correct part. The control will continue and finish the cycle normally. Repair or replace if any are defective. When heat alarm time is exceeded control records error. Check for leaks from the outer tub, and tub seal. This is a fatal error. Check wiring. Error occurs when there is no battery available at the real time clock or if the power of the battery is too small to make the real time clock run correctly.

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